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Plotting points on an OpenStreetMap Export

This map shows the location of pictures in a Flickr group superimposed on an OpenStreetMap (OSM) export.

If you try plotting points directly on an OSM map, you’ll find that points are all over the shop. The reason is that OSM exports use the Mercator projection; you need to change the latitude and longitude coordinates into the Mercator projection.

Basemap to the rescue!

If you use the code in the previous post, you can change the plotting code.

from basemap import Basemap 
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.pylab as pylab
import numpy as np
import string
import matplotlib.cm as cm

x=[] #longitudes
y=[] #latitudes


for line in fi:
    if linenum>0:
        line=string.replace(line, "\n","")
            print "Error!"

m = Basemap(llcrnrlon=-8.0,llcrnrlat=54.5,urcrnrlon=1.5,urcrnrlat=59.5,lat_ts=20,
m.drawmapboundary(fill_color='white') # fill to edge

Rather than using basemap to draw the outline of Scotland, this script simply creates a scatter plot on a white background, like so:-

Now, you need to export the map from OpenStreetMap.

The corners have been set as follows..

… llcrnrlon=-8.0,llcrnrlat=54.5,urcrnrlon=1.5,urcrnrlat=59.5 …

llcrn stands for the lower-left coordinate, and and urcrn for the upper-right coordinate.

So if you if you export from OpenStreetMap using these coordinates…

.. you’ll have a map of Scotland with the Mercator projection.

The two images can then be composited in Photoshop or another graphics app like the Gimp.

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